Art Mirrors are handcrafted, completely hand-woven metal mirrors. They are woven with copper, steel and tin, and are the creation of self-taught artists Jean and Tom Heffernan. The individual design elements combine to produce a unique and distinctive work of art – the styling of the frame, the use of chemical patinas, and the application of hand-painted dyes. 

Our unique style features an asymmetrical design with an off-centered mirror  - not only is it visually appealing, but the mirror can be hung in either direction for more versatility.

Each piece is initially treated with one or more chemical patinas; the tones are muted, and fairly subdued.  The piece is then woven, and carefully hand-painted with bright, colorful dyes. The muted tones of the patinas combine with the brightness of the dyes to produce vivid, contrasting color combinations. The look is bold, vibrant, and exciting, with an interesting textural effect.  The meticulous attention to detail and finishing make these mirrors a standout at the galleries representing us. 

Technical Stuff: 

Each piece is constructed with 12 oz. copper, cold-rolled steel, and sheet metal tin and are woven on 3/4" cabinet grade plywood, which is painted to help retard warping.  The mirrors are recessed behind the frame. They are treated with several coats of lacquer made specifically for metal to retard oxidation.